The Max Planck Center is collaborating with the open source project ClassX since 2011.

ClassX is an interactive lecture streaming system developed in the Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford University.

Unlike conventional lecture capturing systems, ClassX requires very simple consumer-grade equipment and minimal human operation. The system offers high resolution video quality over bitrates typical of standard definition video using a technology called “region-of-interest video streaming”.

Members of the research groups of MPC-VCC in Saarbrücken and Stanford use the platform to keep updated about each other’s projects and push mutual collaboration.

Videos will be published password-protected. Please contact us if you would like to access the recordings.
If you have a password already, please proceed here.


The MPC-VCC video library currently includes the following talks:

  • Akiko Yoshida on High Fidelity Color Image Capture and Display
  • Albert Theuwissen on Imagers getting worse, Images getting better
  • Giacomo Langfelder on CMOS Image Sensor with Tunable Pixels
  • Kunal Ghosh on Brain Imaging Using an Integrated Fluorescence Microscope
  • Marc Levoy on the Frankencamera
  • Nicholas George on Extended Depth of Field
  • Norimichi Tsumura on Skin Color Image Analysis and Synthesis
  • Phillip Corriveau on Stereo 3D
  • Quan Huynh Thu on Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic 3D Content
  • Thomas Wiegand on 3D Video Coding
  • Thorbjorn Skauli on Hyperspectral Imaging