The structure of the Max Planck Center for Visual Computing and Communication is shown below.

This figure comprises both research activities at Stanford and Saarbrücken.

At MPII the Center is directed by Professor Hans-Peter Seidel, director of the computer graphics group, at Stanford, the Center is directed by Professor Bernd Girod, Professor of Electrical Engineering and (by courtesy) Computer Science and Director of the Image Systems Engineering Program and Professor Leonidas J. Guibas, Paul Pigott Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (by courtesy) in the School of Engineering .

The Mentors  of our group leaders are internationally renowned experts in their fields. They are based in Stanford and Saarbrücken.

The Advisory Board consists of an independent group of senior leaders in the field who will review the work of the Center annually and submit a report summarizing their finding to Stanford University and the Max Planck Society.