Strzodka, Robert


Robert Strzodka

Integrative Scientific Computing

Name of Research Group: Integrative Scientific Computing
Personal Homepage:
Mentor Saarbrücken: Hans-Peter Seidel
Mentor Stanford: Ron Fedkiw
Research Mission: Our research focuses on significant improvements of performance and accuracy in scientific computing through a global optimization across the entire spectrum of continuous modeling, numerical analysis, algorithm design, software implementation and hardware acceleration. The concatenation of individually optimal solutions on each of these layers often performs poorly due to conflicting requirements at the interfaces. Consequently, the integration of individually suboptimal but inter-coordinated solutions from all layers can be far superior. Even when the application complexity prevents a global optimization the integrative consideration of several layers already proves to be beneficial. Chosen application areas of particular interest in this context are the solution of partial differential equations and real-time image processing.

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