Thormählen, Thorsten


Thorsten Thormählen

Image-based 3D Scene Analysis

Name of Research Group: Image-based 3D Scene Analysis
Personal Homepage:
Mentor Saarbrücken: Hans-Peter Seidel
Research Mission: The research group develops new tools and algorithms for 3D scene analysis from image sequences or video. This comprises estimations of camera motion of one or more cameras in a given scene; of static scene geometry and motion and shape of moving objects; and of scene illumination. Such tools and algorithms can be used for the generation of visual effects in movie and TV production. Specialized versions of these algorithms can also be applied in the field of 3D scene analysis for autonomous aerial, ground, and water vehicles as well as industrial, domestic, and medical robots. The aim is to develop tools for 3D scene analysis that work fully automatically. Nevertheless, in case of error, the user should be in control of the estimation process and must be able to guide the algorithm to the desired solution by simple and intuitive interactive techniques. Another approach to deal with errors is to automatically extract high level information from the data generated by the algorithms. By feeding back this information into the estimation process it is possible to guide the algorithms to the correct solution. The research results are published in international journals and conference proceedings. The group particularly focuses on tools and algorithms that have the potential to be turned into mass market applications and are therefore attractive for commercial partners. Since fall 2012 Thorsten Thormählen is professor for computer graphics at the University Marburg.

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