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Calibrated Image Appearance Reproduction

We are currently surrounded by displays in both our work and living environment – from TVs to laptop monitors and from mobile phones to cinema projectors. Each display though is typically placed in a different environment and has different characteristics. How do we then ensure that a movie or photograph looks the same irrespective of display and environment? This problem is made particularly hard with the advent of high dynamic range imaging technologies as they allow the capture and display of images with a much wider range between dark and bright and therefore require different treatment to conventional images. Our work aims to reproduce the appearance of a given scene under these varying conditions so that the viewing experience remains constant between them. The three images shown represent how a scene would be processed to be displayed under different environments (specifically laptop in office conditions, cinema and mobile phone outdoors).

Original Image from Mark Fairchild’s HDR Photographic Survey (

Reference: Erik Reinhard, Tania Pouli, Timo Kunkel, Ben Long, Anders Ballestad and Gerwin Damberg, ‘Calibrated Image Appearance Reproduction’, ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia), 31(6), article 201, 201